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亚搏代理官网_对深足和富力来说 今晚是命运之战 谁也输不起
名称:亚搏代理官网_对深足和富力来说 今晚是命运之战 谁也输不起

   This afternoon, the 13th round of the Super League will start. In order to allow competitors to compete more fairly, the Dalian Division adjusted the competition time. The matches between Guangzhou R&F and Shanghai Shenhua, Dalian and Shenzhen Kaisa were all set at 8pm. For R&F and Shenzhen Football Team, who have the same score of 14 points, they must win this round. If it is tied or lost, it means that R&F or Shenzhen Football Club will be out early in the battle of the fourth...


   ■New Express reporter Wang Di

   ■New Express reporter Wang Di





   In Group A, in addition to Guangzhou Evergrande, who locked the top spot in the group, and Henan Jianye, who was determined to be relegated early, the rest of the teams have competitors. In particular, Shanghai Shenhua, Shenzhen Kaisa, Guangzhou R&F and Dalian natives, the four teams are still struggling to be among the top four.


   Yesterday, Evergrande coach Cannavaro said that the team will still strive to win the last two rounds. "Yes, the next two games have no effect on our rankings, but I still hope that the players will take them seriously," Ca亚搏网站下载nnavaro said. "Of course, there will definitely be players who have fewer chances to play before. We will More rotations on personnel."

昨天,恒大教练卡纳瓦罗表示,车队仍将努力赢得最后两轮比赛。卡纳瓦罗说:“是的,接下来的两场比赛对我们的排名没有影响,但是我仍然希望球员们认真对待他们。” “当然,肯定会有比以前更少机会参加比赛的球员。我们将在人员上进行更多轮换。”

   The match between Evergrande and Suning will affect the game four to a certain extent, but the premise is still that the team competing for four can win tonight's game.


  The Dalian people who have only a glimmer of hope left in the match, Shenzu must hope to win the game with one effort. Deep football coach Cruyff said: "If we can get all 6 points next, then everything is possible." In the first round of the two teams, they were deep enough to beat the Dalian people 3:2. Of course, Shenzuo's performance on the offensive end is not stable, especially when the head of the center, Mali, is unclear.


   R&F's opponent tonight is Shenhua. R&F coach Van Bronckhorst said: "We will definitely strive to win, and we will never play for a tie." As long as we defeat Shenhua, R&F will be able to surpass in the standings.

富力今晚的对手是神华。富力教练范·布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)说:“我们一定会努力取胜,我们永远也不会打平。”只要我们击败申花,富力将能够超越积分榜。





  Theoretically, the teams that have the chance to enter the top four are Shenhua, Shenzhen Football, R&F and Dalian Ren. Since the 11-point Dalian native is 4 points behind the fourth-placed Shenhua (15 points), and there are 3 teams to catch up, the Dalian native's prospects for a counterattack are very slim. If you can't win the deep football tonight, the Dalian people will get out early; Shenhua and R&F will decide the winner, and the Dalian people will also have to get out early.


   For the 14-point deep foot, there is only one goal, and that is to win. Even if it is tied, it does not mean that it will be out, but it must leave the fate to others. In any case, Shenzu still hopes to control its own destiny. From this perspective, Shenzu must hope that the R&F i亚搏代理官网n the same province cannot lose to Shenhua.


   Of course, R&F does not want to lose to Shenhua, after all, this is also related to their prospects for qualifying. If they can defeat Shenhua, R&F will continue to improve the rankings, at least ascending to No. 5 in Group A. On the contrary, if it is tied by Shenhua, R&F's hope of qualifying is only theoretically possible.


   This season, R&F and Shenhua have played twice. In the 6th round, R&F beat Shenhua 3:2; in the Football Association Cup last Friday, R&F and Shenhua tied 1:1 in regular time. R&F eliminated Shenhua through a penalty kick. The two wins against Shenhua will undoubtedly give R&F more confidence, but Shenhua also has a certain psychological advantage. After all, Shenhua has 1 point more than R&F.


   There is no doubt that the four competitions in Group A have become fierce, and they will have an impact on each other. In the absence of Dalian, the four battles in Group A are actually Shenhua, Shenzu and R&F.


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