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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to follow Qiu Di’s March 10 Morning News.


In the early morning of the 10th, Italian Prime Minister Conte officially announced that Italy will implement a ban on the city, and at the same time all sports events will be suspended, and Serie A will be officially suspended. This is also the first time that the five major European leagues have been suspended.


On the evening of the 9th, the Paris police confirmed that the Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Dortmund will be played empty. The French Sports Minister also stated that the Ligue 1 leagues before April 15 will be empty or restricted to less than 1,000 people.


Bayern and team reporters also said that due to the serious epidemic in Germany, Bayern and Chelsea's Champions League game may also be played empty. This new crown pneumonia epidemic has already brought a grea亚搏代理官网t impact to Europe, and football is also not immune.


Tottenham officially announced that Belwyn had a severely sprained ankle and Mourinho said he did not expect Belwyn to return this season. Manchester United officially announced the renewal of the contract with teenager Zhong Taxi until 2022.

托特纳姆热刺正式宣布贝尔温的脚踝严重扭伤,穆里尼奥表示他不希望贝尔温本赛季回归。曼彻斯特联队正式宣布与少年出租车(Zhong Taxi)续约至2022年。

The Chinese Football Association officially confirmed that the world preliminaries originally scheduled for the end of March will be postponed, and the two rounds of the China and South Korea Women’s Olympic preliminaries will be postponed to June 4 and 9.


In the early morning of March 10th, Beijing time, Italian Prime Minister Conte formally signed a decree to suspend national sports events. Serie A will be temporarily suspended from the 10th local time.


Tottenham officially confirmed that Bellwyn suffered a severely sprained ankle. Head coach Mourinho said he does not expect Belvin to complete his comeback this season.


On March 10th, Beijing time, Manchester United officially announced that the club had renewed its contract with the teenager Zhong Taxi until 2022, with additional terms for a one-year renewal.


The Paris police officially announced a few days ago that the second round of the Champions League match between Paris Saint-Germain and Dortmund will be played empty.


The British Minister of Culture Oliver Dawden said in an interview that British sporting events are unlikely to be postponed or cancelled due to the new coronavirus.

英国文化部长奥利弗·道顿(Oliver Dawden)在接受采访时说,由于新的冠状病毒,英国的体育赛事不太可能被推迟或取消。

According to Bayern and team reporter Falk, the UEFA Champions League game between Bayern and Chelsea may be held empty.


The French Sports Minister announced that the Ligue 1 leagues before April 15 will be empty or only allow 1,000 spectators to enter the game.


According to Goal, Manchester United is preparing to sell Lingard this summer and he has lost Solskjaer's trust.


According to a report by the famous Italian journalist Nicolo Skira, Barcelona is preparing to offer Argentine superstar Messi a very generous contract with an annual salary of up to 50 million euros.

根据意大利著名记者尼科洛·斯基拉(Nicolo Skira)的报道,巴塞罗那正准备向阿根廷超级巨星梅西提供一份非常慷慨的合同,年薪不超过5000万欧元。

On March 9th, Beijing time, the Football Association officially issued an announcement confirming that the top 40 World Preliminaries originally scheduled for the end of March will be postponed.


The Chinese Football Association officially announced tha亚搏网站下载t the two rounds of the China-Korea Women’s Olympic preliminaries will be postponed to June 4th and 9th.


On the evening of March 9, Tianjin Tianhai player Wen Junjie posted a letter from the Tianhai team to the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau and the Municipal Football Association on Weibo. The letter stated that the team hopes to get help to successfully participate in the Super League.


The German transfer market website updated the ranking of Asian players' worth. Sun Xingmin topped the list with 80 million euros. Wu Lei ranked 11th with 10 million euros. There are as many as 9 Japanese players among the top 20 players.


Sichuan Jiuniu officially announced that he has signed with player Wang Song. In the new season, he will wear the No. 33 shirt to fight for Sichuan Jiuniu.


Tottenham coach Mourinho said at a press conference for the second leg of the Champions League 1/8 final with RB Leipzig that he does not expect Belwyn to complete his comeback this season.

热刺教练穆里尼奥在与莱比锡(RB Leipzig)举行的欧洲冠军联赛1/8决赛第二回合的新闻发布会上表示,他不希望贝尔温在本赛季完成复出。

Turin President Cairo did not talk about football in the interview. He believes that the current epidemic is more important than football. Cairo suggested that the Italian government adopt Chinese epidemic prevention measures.


According to the "Orient Sports Daily" report, Xu Genbao said in an interview recently that he hopes to train an outstanding midfielder for the country.


As we all know, Nigerian striker Ighalo has been a Manchester United fan since he was a child. In an interview with Sky Sports recently, he revealed some details about joining Manchester United on loan from Shanghai Shenhua.


According to the “Mirror” news, Liverpool’s Bournemouth midfielder on loan, Harry Wilson, explained on social media why he was wearing a Liverpool jacket. He said: “It was too cold at the time and it was not good to bother him. The hard working Bournemouth staff."


In the UEFA Champions League final last year, the Russian model Volansky broke into the stadium by streaking and became famous overnight. But this year, it is difficult for her to have a chance to invade the stadium again.


According to British media Sportbible, Ronaldinho, who was recently arrested, was exposed for the first time in recent photos of his imprisonment. In the exposed photos, Ronaldinho's smile is still warm and innocent.


March 11 (tomorrow)


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