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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Guoqiudi Morning Post on May 1st! Happy Labor Day everyone!


The French professional football league was voted through. This season’s Ligue 1 will end ahead of schedule. All places will be determined according to the current rankings. The leader, Paris, won the league championship. Before the French president announced the game ended directly, the fans joked that across the English Channel A certain red team in, must be trembling, this time, they don't panic.

法国职业足球联赛被投票通过。本赛季的Ligue 1将提前结束。所有位置将根据当前排名确定。领导人巴黎赢得了联赛冠军。在法国总统宣布比赛直接结束之前,球迷开玩笑说,整个英吉利海峡A的某个红队一定在发抖,这一次,他们不要惊慌。

In the domestic football arena, various media have heatedly discussed that the naturalized player Luo Guofu was selected for the national football training list. Whether he can bring changes to the national football team still needs time to test.


Please see the details below.


On April 30th, Beijing time, the French professional football league has been formally voted to pass, this season Ligue 1 ended early, and Paris won the league championship this season. In addition, Lorient won the French second championship.


According to the Brazilian Sao Paulo Independent Club, the 21-year-old player Caio Felipe Santos Silva was electrocuted while flying a kite and died unfortunately.

据巴西圣保罗独立俱乐部称,这名21岁的球员Caio Felipe Santos Silva在放风筝时被电死,不幸不幸身亡。

According to French media "Parisian", French President Macron hopes that the other four major European leagues can follow suit after the Ligue 1 announced the early termination of the season.

根据法国媒体“ ​​Parisian”的报道,法国总统马克龙希望在Ligue 1宣布本赛季提前终止后,其他四个欧洲主要联赛也可以效仿。

On April 30th, Beijing time, the French professional football league has been formally voted to pass, and this season Ligue 1 ended early. This means that Rennes will qualify for the Champions League for the first time in team history.


According to ESPN news, in order to raise funds to buy new aid, Barcelona began to consider selling Artur.


According to "Daily Sports" reporter Albert Rogé, Barcelona and Juventus reached an agreement on the transfer of Artur and Pjanic.


A report from Spain's "Daily Sport" declared that Dortmund is interested in Barcelona's rising star Anzu Fati.

西班牙《每日亚搏网站下载体育报》的一份报道宣称,多特蒙德对巴塞罗那的后起之秀安祖·法提(Anzu Fati)感兴趣。

On the cover of today's "World Sport", the media published a report about Coutinho and said that if other teams want to sign Coutinho, they need at least 100 million euros, otherwise the players will stay. In Barcelona.


According to the "Daily Sports" report, the exchange negotiations between Barcelona and Manchester City on Semedo and Cancelo are coming to an end, and the two sides will agree to exchange Semedo with Cancelo plus a sum of cash.


According to the "Mirror" news, Manchester United is willing to give Dortmund attacker Sancho the No. 7 jersey.


According to foreign media Liderendeportes, the Premier League team Newcastle intends to sign back to Longdong, and they also plan to sign another striker Cavani.


According to Bundesliga reporter Manu Lonjon, Bayern wants to sign two right-backs in the transfer market.

根据德甲记者Manu Lonjon的说法,拜仁希望在转会市场签下两名右后卫。

Bayern officially announced that it will officially renew the contract with Frick until 2023. Previously, due to the impact of the epidemic, Bayern announced in early April that Flick had renewed its contract until 2023. This time it was a formal signing ceremony for Flick.


"Torino Sport" reported that Professor Di Perry, an infectious disease expert at a hospital in Turin, said in an interview that some patients infected with the new crown virus will even take two months to turn negative. Is Dybala retesting positive? normal phenomenon.

《都灵体育》报道说,都灵一家医院的传染病专家迪·佩里教授在接受采访时说,一些感染了新冠状病毒的患者甚至需要两个月才能变成阴性。 Dybala重新测试阳性吗?正常现象。

According to the "Beijing News" report, in order to improve the efficiency of naturalization of naturalized players, Evergrande has formed a full-time team to handle the procedures for naturalization of players.


Reporter Bai Guohua said that although the state of Luo Guofu, who is about to be 32 years old, has declined compared to before, he still maintains a strong breakthrough ability. With super impact, Luo Guofu may become a "super substitute" for the national football team and enrich the team's tactical play.


Recently, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the new national football list. The naturalized player Luo Guofu was selected. The Shanghai media "Morning News" wrote that Luo Guofu's selection and Cao Yunding's defeat are both confusing.


Yesterday, Beijing time, the Chinese men's football official announced the new national football training list. In this list, Luo Guofu's name appears for the first time, which is also the third "naturalized national football player" in the history of Chinese football.


According to the "Shangguan News" report, the venue hardware for the national football training in Shanghai this time has reached world-class standards, and the comprehensive supporting facilities will provide a strong guarantee for the national football training.


Recently, Tottenham midfielder Ali said in an interview that Tottenham players hate Chelsea more than Arsenal.


In a recent interview with BT Sport, Liverpool striker Oligi recalled the scenes of the second leg of the Champions League semi-final last year against Barcelona. He specifically mentioned Arnold's magical pen, and said that if he changed to a bad day, maybe his shot would go straight to the stands.

在最近接受BT Sport采访时,利物浦前锋奥利吉(Oligi)回顾了去年欧冠半决赛对巴塞罗那的第二回合比赛的场面。他特别提到了阿诺德的魔笔,并说如果他改了糟糕的一天,也许他的投篮命中率将直达看台。

Former Porto player Candido Costa told a story in the team when he said that he told Mourinho that he wanted to leave the team. Uncle Bird said he was mentally retarded.

前波尔图球员坎迪多·科斯塔(Candido Costa)在车队中讲了一个故事,他说他告诉穆里尼奥他想离开车队。伯德叔叔说他智障。

Sylvester, who has been teammates with Ronaldo and Ronaldo, said that Ronaldo uses three or four skills most of the time, but Ronaldo can always create new tricks.


Former Barcelona assistant Paul Tasso said in a show that Barcelona had been misjudged in the final round of the 13/14 season against Atletico. If there was VAR that year, Barcelona could win the La Liga championship that season.

巴塞罗那前助理保罗·塔索(Paul Tasso)在一场表演中表示,巴塞罗那在13/14赛季最后一轮对阵马竞的比赛中被误判。如果那年有VAR,那么巴塞罗那可以在那个赛季赢得西甲冠军。

According to Goal, Messi’s national teammate Aguero said in an interview with El Chiringuito TV: “Unless there is a catastrophe, Messi will definitely stay in Barcelona.”

根据Goal的说法,梅西的国家队友阿奎罗在接受El Chiringuito电视台采访时说:“除非发生灾难,否则梅西肯定会留在巴塞罗那。”

The suspension of the Premier League is still continuing. In an interview with the media, the German international Rudiger, who played for Chelsea, said that it is dangerous to resume the game and he hopes that everyone will stay healthy. In addition, he believes that Liverpool are worthy of the Premier League champions this season and can directly give them the title.


According to the "Mirror" news, former Manchester United player Ferdinand expressed his views on Manchester United's lineup on the YouTube channel. He said: "If Manchester United signs Sancho and then retains Pogba, then this lineup is too good to be drooling."


According to the news from Quanmarket.com, the two former Italian internationals Nesta and Cannavaro recently made a video connection on Instagram. During the chat, Nesta revealed: "When Stam joined AC Milan, I immediately understood that my position was not very stable."


Former AC Milan and Barcelona sports director Braida said in an interview with Torino Sport that the effect of Atul and Pjanic’s exchange of owners can only be seen through time.

前AC米兰和巴塞罗那体育总监布雷达(Braida)在接受都灵体育(Torino Sport)采访时说,阿图尔(Atul)和皮亚尼奇(Pjanic)交换车主的影响只能通过时间来观察。

In an interview with the Football CFB Podcast, England star and current Fleetwood coach Joey Button talked about his opponents in the player era. He said that Modric is the strongest midfielder he has encountered in the Premier League. .

在接受美国足球CFB播客的采访时,英格兰球星和现任弗利特伍德教练乔伊·巴顿谈到了球员时代的对手。他说莫德里奇是他在英超联赛中遇到的最强的中场球员。 。

Recently, Juventus defender Delicht accepted an interview with the official UEFA Champions League magazine. He talked about his own growth experience and the mentors around him.


Osasuna forward Luis Avila performed well this season, but he suffered a serious injury in January this year. In an interview recently, Avila said he thought he could join Barcelona in the winter window.

奥萨苏纳前锋路易斯·阿维拉(Lois Avila)在本赛季表现出色,但今年1月他受了重伤。阿维拉(Avila)在最近的一次采访中说,他认为自己可以在冬天的窗户加入巴塞罗那。

Today, 8 years ago, Arsenal officials announced Podolski to join. During his time at Arsenal, he helped the team win the FA Cup and was also loved by Arsenal fans.


A few days ago, Tottenham’s official Instagram has updated a set of photos of the team’s coach Mourinho. In the photo, Mourinho is wearing Tottenham overalls and wearing protective masks and gloves to carry fruits and vegetables.


Recently, Inter Milan striker Lukaku encountered a "dramatic shortage" situation, so he solicited good shows from fans on social media.


Henan Jianye’s foreign aid Dorado posted photos of himself out shopping on social media with the following text: “Every day I pass, I become more fascinated by life in China.”


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